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Yamaha’s latest entry-level 125cc scooter, the RayZR, combines a lightweight design, stylish aesthetics, and hybrid technology. This new addition is perfect for both young riders and commuters, offering a blend of affordability, sports-inspired style, and practical features. With ample under-seat storage, stop/start technology, unified braking, and LED lighting, it’s a smart choice for urban mobility.

As the newest and lightest member of Yamaha’s urban scooter lineup, the RayZR is built to provide value and reliability. Yamaha states it is designed for riders seeking a cost-effective, reliable, and sporty scooter, yet it is packed with modern features such as the electric Power Assist system that enhances acceleration.

Yamaha RayZR


Weighing only 99kg, the RayZR is Yamaha’s lightest scooter to date. Its compact 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, along with a low 785mm seat height, ensure easy handling and agility.

The 125cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine is A1-compliant and generates 8bhp. With its fully automatic twist-and-go transmission, it promises responsive performance, excellent fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. The Power Assist system offers quicker starts, while the Start & Stop function shuts off the engine at stops, reducing emissions and potentially improving fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

Practicality is further enhanced with a spacious dual seat, under-seat storage that can accommodate a full-face helmet or a large bag, and an innovative Smart Motor generator for quiet engine starts. The scooter also features an LCD digital dashboard, comprehensive LED lighting, a keyless one-button start system, and a linked braking system.

The RayZR 125 is available in metallic red or black and can be test-ridden at Chelsea Motorcycles.

Key Highlights:

  • Lightweight Design: At just 99kg, the RayZR is Yamaha’s lightest scooter, making it ideal for beginners. Its low weight improves acceleration, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.
  • Efficient Engine: The 125cc Blue Core air-cooled engine produces 8bhp, offering clean and economical performance. The electric Power Assist system provides an extra boost during acceleration.
  • Fuel Economy: The Start & Stop system turns off the engine at stops, further enhancing fuel efficiency by up to 4%.
  • Advanced Lighting: The RayZR features LED headlights, tail lights, and a Y-shaped riding light in the screen, complemented by an LCD digital dashboard.
  • Unified Braking System: The front disc and rear drum brakes are linked for balanced braking. Applying the rear brake alone activates a degree of front braking, and using both activates Yamaha’s Unified Brake System for optimal balance.

The Yamaha RayZR offers a compelling mix of modern technology, practical features, and sporty design, making it an excellent choice for urban commuters and new riders alike.

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