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The flagship Yamaha MT 10 has established Yamaha as one of the leading manufacturers in the large capacity naked class. And it is delivering a truly emotional riding sensation, together with characteristic torque and a dominant street presence,

Yamaha MT 10 Tourer Edition

Yamaha MT 10 Tourer Edition roadster black colourFirst of all, the Yamaha MT 10 is a versatile roadster model. So Yamaha built it to excel in a diverse range of conditions and also with its natural and relaxed ergonomics offering a variety of different riding position. Moreover, combined with its strong and linear torque output, agile handling and sophisticated electronic control technology, this 1000cc Hyper Naked is an ideal platform that can evolve. Finally, a huge thanks to a dedicated package of accessories in the new MT-10 Tourer Edition.

Also the Yamaha MT-10 is equipped with a special range of items that gives enhanced comfort, increased functionality and improved practicality. And now the MT-10 Tourer Edition opens the Dark Side of Japan to an even wider audience. Therefore, a new journey through the darkness is about to begin.

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