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The best thing you can do is get into the habit of checking your motorcycle over regularly, once a week is ideal.

The first thing you need to look at during your motorbike maintenance, are the basics, these include:

  • Engine oil: by this we mean check that the level is okay and that it does not need filling up, as well as checking the oil is clean.  By doing this you can keep a check on how often you are having to refill the oil, if this is regularly (for example weekly), it may highlight that there is a problem with your motorcycle that you need to get checked.
  • Coolant levels: you need coolant to prevent your motorcycle from overheating, so you should regularly check to make sure there is enough and if not, top it up.  Again, if you find yourself having to refill this too often, this might be an indication that there is a problem with your bike.
  • Tyres: make sure they are the right tyre pressure and look for any wear or damage and check the wheel alignment.  The tyres are really important, they keep your bike on the road and when there is a problem with the tyres, you will feel impacting the performance of your ride.
  • Brakes: make sure they are free not caught or trapped in anything, and that the cables are in a good condition, not won or frayed.
  • Shock absorbers: look for signs of wear, which could make your bike become unstable.
  • Chain: check the tension, it should not be flapping as this could be dangerous, also check for signs of wear.
Weekly Maintenance Checks

Motorbike and scooter maintenance cleaning

Next you will want to check and clean other areas of your bike and scooter, to ensure it is in full working condition. Look at the battery, make sure it is working properly, there are no faults, it is charging correctly and that it is clean and does not look to worn. Make sure the horn is working, as you will need this to make other drivers aware of your presence, especially if you are driving at night or on winding roads. Clean the front and rear lights, you can see and be seen and wipe the frame of the bike to clear away any dirt or grit.

Things to avoid:

  • Flood Warnings: motorbikes and scooters are not designed to handle lots of water, so if you see a flood warning, don’t risk it, find an alternative route. According to DevittInsurance.com, if you ignore a flood warning sign and your bike does get damaged, you may not be covered on your insurance.
  • The winter months can be very hard on your bike, ice, snow, water, grit, sleet can all impact upon your motorcycle. Avoid using your bike during these colder months (generally November to April) and instead, make sure it is covered and protected from the harsh elements.


With regular motorbike maintenance/scooter maintenance, you help to ensure that your bike looks and rides as good as new, with good performance, helping you get the most out of your bike.

Suzuki SV650X motorbike on the road
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