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Young adventurers The Turner Twins take Zero DSRs to Spain’s Pole of Inacccessibility

Modern adventurers The Turner Twins have returned from their latest adventure, riding almost 1600 miles from London to Spain’s Iberian Peninsula and the Pole of Inaccessibility on board a pair of Zero DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest electric motorcycles.

The twin brothers, Hugo and Ross, are known for their expeditions to inaccessible locations with a focus on gaining new knowledge about the environment and medicine. The duo took a week to complete the 2,534km trip, riding across France, over the Pyrenees and into central Spain, stopping regularly for extended filming scenes and to enjoy the scenery and environment around them. Each rode Zero’s top-of-the-range adventure bike, fitted with full luggage systems and Zero’s optional Charge Tank, which allows the 14.4kWh battery to be charged to 95% in around an hour.

Turner Twins and their Zero DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest Edition Motorcycles

“We chose to work with Zero motorbikes because we wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of what electric vehicles could achieve, beyond the city limits, and Zero Motorcycles were the perfect partner due to their unrivalled range,” commented The Turner Twins.

“Travelling thousands of kilometres across Europe isn’t for everyone, but the connection and riding experience delivered through the electric 14.4kWh bikes was truly exciting and novel. The Zeros deliver instant power, giving a performance characteristic and a quietness that allowed for a totally immersive soundtrack; the forests, mountains, countryside and coastal roads all had different sounds that can only be experienced on an electric motorcycle.”

Dale Robinson, UK Country Manager for Zero Motorcycles, added: “We were delighted to work with Ross and Hugo and were delighted that their trip proved to be a real success.

Twins near their Zero motorbikes

“The twins are passionate about challenging convention and by providing them with two Zero DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest editions they have been able to prove that electric motorcycles don’t just have to be confined to the city. I know from personal experience that these bikes are capable of racking up hundreds of miles in a day, and with our Type 2 Charge Tank fitted they were able to complete the trip with no incidents whatsoever.”

For further information on The Turner Twins, please visit: www.theturnertwins.co.uk

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