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Statistically speaking, motorcyclists and bikers are better at maintaining their rides than car owners are of their vehicles. More cars fail their MOT than bikes, according to confused.com. This being said, you should still take the time to keep on top of maintaining and cleaning your motorbike. If only to help you pass your motorbike MOT/motorcycle MOT.

Is this Honda motorcycle MOT ready?

What is a motorcycle MOT?

A motorcycle MOT is just like a car MOT. It is a test that ensures your bike is safe and legal to ride. The test will check some important components on your motorbike to ensure they are of the legal standard. This is different to motorcycle servicing/motorbike servicing and doesn’t check the bikes general condition. For example, it doesn’t check the bikes engine, clutch or gearbox.

Any bike that is three years old or more, is required to go through an annual motorbike MOT and the price of this motorcycle MOT is based on the size of the engine.

Honda Monkey motorbike engine after MOT

Can you help your bike to pass its motorbike MOT?

Yes, you can not only help to make it pass the MOT, but you can also help to make the MOT much cheaper.

You might think there’s nothing you can do to help your bike to pass its motorcycle MOT, but you’re wrong. If you properly care for your bike by maintaining and cleaning it, completing repairs as and when you notice them, your bike will be much more likely to pass its motorbike MOT first time.

Honda Forza 125 scooter

Motorbike/ Scooter MOT checks

As well as regularly maintaining and cleaning your bike/ scooter, you should also do some checks before you take it for its bike/ scooter MOT. Here are some of the things you should look at:

  • Steering/suspension: do the wheels turn freely when you move the handlebars? Do the forks move? Bounce the bike to check suspension is okay. Check that you can’t move the swingarm around.
  • Wheels/tyres: make sure the tyres are the right size and type and the tread depth is the legal requirement. Also check the wheels are aligned with each other.
  • Brakes: do the brakes work okay? Make sure the brake pads aren’t worn.
  • Frame: check it is free from cracks or damage.
  • Lights: are they working? Are they the right colour?
  • Exhaust: needs to be working and secure with no leaks in the fuel system.
Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter after all MOT checks

Motorbike servicing and MOT / Motorcycle Servicing and MOT

Another thing you need to make sure you do, is book your bike in for an MOT or motorbike servicing, with a reputable and experienced dealer. At Chelsea Motorcycles, we provide motorcycle servicing and MOT, we are honest and transparent and we only recommend repairing or replacing something if your bike actually needs it. By using a well-known company for your motorbike servicing and MOT, you help you keep costs low and ensure you’re only paying for work you actually need doing.

To book your bike in for a motorcycle servicing or MOT, contact Chelsea Motorcycles now.

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