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As a result of the overwhelming response to our “My First Honda Fireblade” poll, 25 real-life riders tell us what makes their model so special.

Carl Tiffany and his Fireblade bike

01 Carl Tiffany

“Sat with a brew in my hand back in Feb 1992 I’d just washed my trusty CBR600FL and was reading MCN. There it was, a silhouette picture of the future CBR900RR, Honda Fireblade, “coming soon” Now if this was going to be like my superfast CBR600I had to have one! Off to the dealers I went, deposit paid only to be told NONE in the country yet! A full 2 months later, 4th April 1992 to be precise, it finally arrived. A stunning red blue and white awesome weapon, oh my god what had I done? It was fast and like nothing else I had ridden. Some couple of hundred miles later and catch me if you can Mr EXUP or Gixer 1100.

Well, to cut a long story short the old girl is still with me and is 25 years old on 4/4/17. We have danced together for over 96,000 miles without many fall outs or problems. It still goes well and can hold its own against many a modern machine. Not sure who is going to expire first, me or the bike. Oh it does wear 2 sets of clothes depending on my mood, its every day Repsol colours or on special occasions back to its original attire. “

Hazell Murray & Honda Fireblade motorcycle

0Hazell Murray

“My first Honda Fireblade was a 2015 HRC. I wanted to be different, and thanks to the help of my Honda dealership, 21st Moto, they turned my dream bike into reality. I was supposed to buy a new kitchen, but my husband took me to see the ‘Blade and that was it: love at first sight. I still don’t have a new kitchen, but my dreams have come true. I’m a Honda Fireblade owner and a very proud one.”

Grahamy Greamer's Honda Fireblade

03 Grahamy Greamer

“Mine and my wife’s ‘Blades. She got hers (Repsol) first after moving up from a 600RR, and after seeing her ride it home I had to have one! Got mine a few months on, moving up from an R6. Neither of us have looked back since!”

Tara Sinkler and her Honda Fireblade

04 Tara Sinkler

“My beautiful baby. I’ve had a ’Blade on my wall since I was five years old. Now there is one in my garage.”

Trev Foster's Honda Fireblade

05 Trev Foster

“I purchased my Fireblade in 1996. It was the first ever vehicle that I bought new from a dealer with zero miles. I rode it home with a grin from ear-to-ear, and I was still only breaking it in. Twenty-one years later and she still looks fresh and can hold her own against newer models. She now has an RC45 swing arm/wheel and an exhaust that exits through the rear cowl with a little bit of airbrush work to finish her off. Wouldn’t sell her for the world.”

Aaron Nixon & Honda Fireblade bike - Chelsea

06 Aaron Nixon

“I bought my first Fireblade in late 2008 to chase my dream of racing. I turned her into a track bike and did exactly that. I’m currently waiting for my 2017 SP to arrive at the dealership.”

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