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Yamaha NEO’s Electric Scooter


Yamaha NEO’s Electric Scooter

This is an ideal time to consider efficient new urban mobility solutions. The way everybody moves around the city is undergoing a massive transformation as people turn away from congested public transport and look for a simple and accessible way to live, work and move in the city. And the new Yamaha NEO’s Electric Scooter is ready for you!


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Move Smart

Yamaha has been developing and producing electric vehicles for three decades – in addition to being recognised as one of the world’s most respected high-quality scooter manufacturers – so you can be sure that the stylish new Yamaha NEO's comes with an attractive design, the latest technology and first-class reliability.

Comfortable, agile and easy to ride, this new generation Yamaha scooter is powered by a lithium-ion battery and driven by a hub-mounted electric motor that gives you strong and controllable acceleration – but with zero emissions and a super quiet ride! New NEO's: Move Smart.

At a glance

  • Smooth, quiet and efficient electric power
  • Direct drive hub-mounted electric motor
  • Quick and controllable acceleration
  • Universal riding position for any size and experience
  • Removable Yamaha lithium-ion battery
  • Selectable ride modes
  • Ultra-quiet running
  • Simple, compact and universal styling
  • Connectivity via Yamaha MyRide app
  • Jet helmet underseat storage
  • Stylish and easy-to-read LCD instruments
  • Smart Key keyless system
  • Full LED lighting


As well as being one of the biggest names in scooters, Yamaha has also been designing and building electric vehicles for many years. No other brand can match this record. So it will come as no surprise that the new electric NEO's is ready to open a new era in urban mobility for everyone.

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Battery weight: 8.0 kg
Colours: Milky White, Midnight Black
CMG ID: 333934967

Product colour: Midnight Black, Aqua, Milky White
Engine: Excitation 3 phase synchronized motor
Continuous power: 2.3kW/424r/min
Power: 2.5 kW (3.4PS)/400r/min
Torque: 136.0N・m(13.9kgf・m)/50r/min
Battery: 50.4V, 19.2Ah (5HR)
Power pack: Lithium-ion
City range: 38.5km: This range changes by place, riding style and battery
Range (based on EU standard): 37 km
Removable battery weight: 8.0 kg
Charger type: Wall charger 220VAC; Output 58.8V, 3A
Charge time (standard): Four hours: Depending on use conditions and battery degradation, charging time may change.
Overall length: 1875 mm
Overall width: 695 mm
Overall height: 1120 mm
Brand: Yamaha
Type: Extended Range, Standard
Total number of battery packs installed: 1
Maximum number of battery packs: 2
Battery fixation: Removable
Battery dimension: 360 mm (L) x 215 mm (D) x 105 mm (H)
Energy Consumption (WMTC Class1): 31Wh/km
Charging time (0-100%): Eight hours: Charging time may vary depending on the charging environment

Frame type: Underbone
Caster angle: 25°30′
Trail: 84 mm
Front suspension system: Telescopic forks
Rear suspension system: Swingarm
Front travel: 110-70-13M/C 48P Tubeless
Rear travel: 130-70-13M/C 63P Tubeless
Front brake: Hydraulic single disc brake
Rear brake: Mechanical leading trailing drum brake
Diameter of brake disk(Front): 200mm
Front tyre: 110-70-13M/C 48P Tubeless
Rear tyre: 130-70-13M/C 63P Tubeless

Wheelbase: 1305 mm
Minimum ground clearance: 135 mm
Seat height: 795 mm
Kerb mass (without battery): 90 kg
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