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Askoll eS1

ASKOLL eS1 is out of stock

Naturally scooter.

Design, technology, savings, eco-friendly, lifestyle, performance, beauty, fun. It’s all there. Get on the saddle and enjoy the ride.
Have fun choosing the colour you’ll be travelling with. Cool black, chic red, energetic yellow…
It takes 3 hours to go from 0% to 100% charge, but you don’t have to wait for it to discharge completely to connect it to an outlet, nor does it have to be totally charged to unplug it: to make life easier, you can even charge it every day without reducing its performance.
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*subject to £99 preparation fee.

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Askoll eS1 Features:


Askoll eS1 – your ideal travel companion.

Intelligent, savings-oriented and equipped with a light frame that makes incredibly easy to handle: eS1 takes on the city by your side, making every trip nice and pleasant. Ideal for average distances (for those who travel more than 5 km/day), it requires very little maintenance compared to a traditional scooter.

You see it now, but it has already won an award.

We are proud of our eS1 scooter for its technology, design, intelligence and practical sense. And we are not alone. eS1 was awarded the Green Prix 2015 as product of the year in the category for the “No Smog Mobility” project (based on sales data certified by ANCMA, the National Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Association).
Askoll eS1 electric scooter - Performance Award

The city, the sky, the environment: they all love it.

Nature smiles at it because Askoll eS1 doesn’t emit CO2 or bothersome smells and it isn’t noisy. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h, it is ideal for all city routes. You can also ride it in limited traffic zones where electric vehicles are permitted (based on municipal regulations) and it is autonomous up to 40 km.

Instead of investing money in petrol, parking… why not enjoy life?

Summing it up: you travel without stressing about parking and queues. You move around at the speed you want. You optimize your time. Above all, you save a lot and what you save you can use for whatever you want. So, live, have fun and enrich your life through your experiences. Feel free. Askoll eS1 was created for this reason: to make your life and the plant you live on better.


100% electric. 100% Askoll.

Like all Askoll vehicles, even eS1 was designed 100% electric. This means that it isn’t an adaptation of an already-existing endothermic vehicle, as is often the case on this market. Even its most sophisticated components (battery, electronic control unit, motor) are developed in house. All the automated machinery needed to produce and test the vehicles is designed and manufactured in Askoll.

Details aren’t just details.

Stability is never enough (your tyres tell you so).
Large, dual-compound tyres. They are soft on the sides and more rigid in the centre for greater stability on the curves.
The motor loves being extraordinary.
High energy-efficient, brushless motor, engineered and manufactured in Italy.
At your thumb tip: the eS1 technology.
A trip computer constantly displays your battery level, speed and distance travelled.


5 colours. And one, great scooter.

You have 5 different shades to colour your ride with, shades that are eco-friendly and save you money.


Give it a power outlet. eS1 will conquer the road.

The lithium ion battery on the Askoll eS1 recharges easily from any power outlet and at about 15 cents (based on the average nighttime electricity rate of 0,15 €/kWh). All you have to do is recharge it directly on the scooter or remove it from its housing under the saddle (it weighs 7,6 kg, less than a case of water) and connect it to it charger.

Here are 4 reasons to fall in love with it.

  • More money in your wallet
    Because Askoll eS1 doesn’t need petrol.
  • Quicker
    You can go anywhere and not be stressed about it.
  • More manoeuvrability
    Finally you won’t get stuck in traffic.
  • More love for your city
    Isn’t it great to get around the city easily without polluting?


Let’s sum it up. And talk about savings.

Annual maintenance is € 45,00. For an average daily trip of 10 km, the annual recharging cost* will be about € 10,00.
*considering 10 km a day, 5 days a week, for 52 weeks.
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Additional information

Product colour

, ,


Askoll brushless permanent magnet electric motor

Top speed (max)

45 km/h

Power pack



1500 W


100 Nm to the wheel


Pulley w/toothed timing belt


54 V – 19,4 Ah

Nominal capacity

1.045 Wh (1 battery)

Removable battery weight

7,6 kg per pack

Charge time (standard)

3 hours for 1 kWh

Range (based on EU standard)

40 km

Carrying capacity

235 kg (vehicle + driver + additional load)



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