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For a delivery company, the most important thing you need is a reliable and effective delivery fleet. The success of the business hinges on having plenty of delivery motorbikes available and being able to make those deliveries. What’s more, the delivery scooters and motorbikes you choose are very important as they are the face of your business. With this in mind, you need a high-quality delivery motorbike, ideally one that is fully maintained and looks professional. This can become costly, especially if you need a delivery fleet rather than one or two delivery motorcycles. Which is why hiring your delivery scooters and/or motorbikes, can often be the better option.

Delivery scooters available for hiring delivery fleet

Hiring delivery motorcycles, explained.

If you need a fleet of motorcycles it can become very expensive to buy each motorcycle you need. This is on top of regularly paying for maintenance and buying helmets and other bike accessories too. The alternative is hiring delivery motorcycles, instead of buying them. By doing this, you remove the need to pay hundreds or thousands per bike and instead you pay a monthly fee to use each motorbike. When you hire a delivery fleet, you will usually also have maintenance options included and can even hire helmets or accessories. Helping you to reduce and spread the cost of your business start-up fees.

Perfect for all delivery services, including Uber, Deliveroo, Quiqup, food delivery companies and businesses/individuals delivering small packages.

Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha motorbikes - fleet service

What is available when hiring delivery scooters and bikes?

This will vary depending on which company you choose to hire your delivery motorbike/scooter through. Most companies will give you the option of hiring a new delivery motorbike/scooter, or a used one. They will also give you some choice in bikes and scooters, with different makes and models for you to choose from.

On top of offering bikes and scooters, you might also have the option of adding accessories. This includes helmets and safety clothing, as well as things like gloves and boots.

With your delivery fleet kitted out, the company you are hiring from should also be able to help you with setting up the insurance, so your bikes are ready to use right away. Most will also provide on-going maintenance for the motorbike, so you have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with one of the bikes, it won’t affect your business.

Finally, the best companies can also provide training in the form of motorbike licenses. This is fantastic for companies wanting to offer this training to their employees, to make their businesses more efficient and retain dedicated workers.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade motorcycle fleet

The benefits of delivery motorcycle hire

There are lots of benefits to hiring a delivery fleet than buying one. These include:

  • More cost effective. By removing the need to buy every delivery motorbike for a delivery fleet, the start-up costs are greatly reduced. Helping you to establish your business with a lower initial investment.
  • Finance options available. Some companies that provide a hire service can also offer finance options. Perfect for companies looking to own their bikes, or spend a good deal on clothing and accessories.
  • Reliability in service. With maintenance included, business is never interrupted if a motorbike stops working. Motorcycles can be repaired or replaced if they become damaged.
  • Quicker to set-up. Hiring your delivery motorcycles and/or delivery scooters is much quicker. If you buy your bikes, you need to also buy clothing/accessories, as well as setting up the insurance etc. before you can use the bikes. When you hire delivery motorcycles, you can get everything from one place. The company will even help you to set-up the insurance, so your delivery fleet is ready to go.

Option to upgrade motorcycles. When you buy a motorbike, you own it. Which means, if you want a different bike you’ll need to sell your old one to finance it. But if you looking for 125cc scooter hire London, you have the option to change it or upgrade it to a different bike whenever you like.

Suzuki Launch GSXR 125 motorbike fleet

Delivery fleet hire by Chelsea Motorcycles

At Chelsea Motorcycles we provide a fully inclusive delivery fleet hire service. This includes, new and used bikes that come fully serviced, as well as help with insurance. We offer a maintenance plan for all delivery motorcycles and delivery scooters, completing repairs, services and MOT’s. What’s more, we even give our delivery fleet hire customers an exclusive discount on clothing and accessories. With finance options available, we provide our customers peace of mind that their business has a reliable delivery fleet.

For more information about hiring delivery motorcycles and scooters with Chelsea Motorcycles, contact us now.

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