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With growing congestion and increasing public transport costs, getting to work is becoming even more challenging for millions of commuters. Yamaha is committed to offering everyone an alternative way to move around the city. Yamaha YS125 and our Urban Mobility line-up features a diverse range of accessible, affordable, economical and reliable models. They will allow you to Move. Live. Love the city.

New Yamaha YS125: Ride Free. Ride Easy.

The new Yamaha YS125 featuring a sporty and attractive new design. Also it retaining all of the best features and assets of the successful YBR125. Yamaha built YS125 to attract an even wider following. Its big wheels and plush suspension ensure easy handling. Also with low fuel consumption, greater fuel autonomy and increased riding comfort it is one of the most practical and affordable lightweight commuter motorcycles.

The YBR125’s popularity with European commuters can be attributed to its class leading economy and affordability. And don’t forget about legendary Yamaha reliability! Furthermore, Yamaha dealers report many cases of YBR125 models that have covered over 100,000 km. Therefore, this proven its durability. Also don’t forget about the professional back up provided by Yamaha’s European dealer network!  Which has helped to attract such a strong and loyal following. So with over 150,000 units sold in Europe, the YBR125 has proved to be an enduring success over the past 10 years.

As a result, by building on the strengths of the original YBR125, Yamaha continue the Urban Mobility success story with the introduction of the affordable YS125, a sportily styled lightweight commuter motorcycle that is meeting the needs and demands of these European commuters.

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