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The X-MAX 400 has improved its performance of the 2018 model in many areas, and every rider who has ever owned a MAX family scooter is going to love the way the new X-MAX 400 runs, handles, feels and looks now.

The dynamic new design is inspired by the highly successful new X-MAX 300, and it is abundantly clear that pure MAX DNA has shaped virtually every inch on this premium sport scooter. Traction Control System and motorcycle-type front forks are providing you with high levels of control in slippery conditions – while features like the Smart Key ignition, parking brake, huge underseat storage and LED lighting are making the X-MAX 400 the smarter choice.

Yamaha XMAX-400 scooter parked in London

And its unique combination of a lightweight and compact body together with a powerful 400cc engine and sophisticated rider-assist technology ensures the X-MAX 400 is bringing an ideal balance of style, performance and functionality to the sport scooter segment.

Monday to Friday there’s no better way to get into the city. And when it’s time to relax, the X-MAX 400’s high comfort combined with strong engine and chassis performance enable you to make the very most of your precious leisure time.

2018 Yamaha XMAX-400 scooter in Chelsea
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