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As a motorbike owner you probably love your bike or scooter, there’s no shame in that. You love it because it brings you so much joy. So, imagine the disappointment you would feel if you woke up one morning to find it had been stolen from your house. Or if you returned to your parking space to find it was no longer there, someone had taken it. Unfortunately scooter security/motorbike security is not something most bike owners do take seriously, which is why so many of them find themselves in this exact position. Which is why we dedicated this post to motorcycle security, to show you the best ways to properly secure your motorbike/secure your scooter.
Honda CB300R street motorcycle unsafe parking

Why is motorcycle security important?

The National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS) conducted a survey by analysing recent police statistics in vehicle crime, specifically performance bikes (500cc+). According to this study, it takes an average of 20 seconds to steal a motorcycle worth £10,000, with more motorbikes being stolen, than there are new motorcycles being sold. This survey found most thefts were due to highly organised crime and gangs targeting performance motorcycles. Overall, the total value of the motorcycles being stolen each month, on UK streets, is £3 million. And alarmingly, 80% of bikes and scooters, are stolen from the owner’s own property. All of this makes motorcycle security of paramount importance.

Honda Forza 300 Scooter left unsecured

Motorbike security/scooter security at home

The best thing you can do in terms of motorbike security/scooter security at home, is to store your motorcycle securely in a shed or garage. For insurance purposes, a garage must have three brick walls, with and a roof and lockable door. A shed (or other location) with a concrete base might also suffice, you will need to check with your insurer.

Here are some tips on motorcycle security at home:

  • Fit more than one lock. Locks at the top of the door are hardest for thieves to break through, as they’re the most difficult to get to.
  • If your motorcycle is stored in a lockable garage or shed, make sure the door has hinges with properly welded pins. Otherwise the hinges could be knocked out making the lock on the door completely pointless.
  • Even if your motorbike is stored in a garage/shed, it is still a good idea to use a heavy-duty chain, a ground anchor and a strong padlock.
  • Try not to store your motorcycle in the same place you store your tools, this’ll make it easier for thieves to break any locks/chains.
  • Block the window of the garage/shed housing your motorcycle.
  • Install CCTV and motion activated lights.
2018 Africa Twin parked outside

Secure your motorbike/secure your scooter, on the road

To secure your motorbike/secure your scooter on the road, you need to take a slightly different approach:

  • Cover your motorcycle, if the thieves can’t see what make and model it is, they might not try to take it.
  • Park and secure your motorbike/secure your scooter in a well-lit area, preferably somewhere with CCTV.
  • Chain and lock your motorcycle to an immovable object, threading the chain through the wheels and the frame.
  • Make sure your steering lock is engaged and don’t leave a spare key anywhere near the bike.
  • Install disc and brake locks with an alarm.
  • Keep a screwdriver with you and remove the clutch lever.

For more help on motorcycle security, speak to one of our team members now.

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