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Motorcycle servicing and scooter servicing is extremely important. Regular services are a legal requirement of owning a motorcycle, they ensure your bike or scooter is safe on the road. They also keep your bike in ‘as good as new’ condition for longer, while enhancing the performance of your bike. To really get the most out of your motorcycle, you need to service it regularly with a workshop you trust, like Chelsea Motorcycles Group. 

Preparing motorcycle for servicing

What is motorcycle servicing/scooter servicing?

Motorcycle servicing/scooter servicing is a legal requirement that helps to keep your bike in optimum condition. It also helps your bike to pass its annual MOT. There are different kinds of services, including a full service, an interim service and a major service. Each service does the same thing, it checks your motorbike and its components, but some services include more checks than others. The most common type of service is a full service. 

This motorcycle will need service

What is checked in full motorbike services?

At a full service, many components of your bike will be checked. This includes:

  • Engine. This might include an oil change, new air or oil filters, new spark plugs and also a check on the coolant level.
  • Chassis and Brake. Here, the brake calipers will be removed and cleaned and the brake piston will be de-greased. The hydraulic brake fluid system and battery electrolyte level will be checked and may be topped up or completely replaced. Cables, levers and pivots for the throttle, clutch and brake, will be cleaned and lubricated, the throttle and clutch may also need adjusting. The following will be checked and adjusted as needed: the front fork, the rear suspension, wheel bearings, tyre pressure, fuel hose, and the chain and main and side stands will also be checked and lubricated. Fasteners, such as the engine mounting and chassis bolts, as well as the steering play and race bearing kit, will be checked and if needed, they will be tightened. Also, the headlight will be checked to ensure it has the correct aim and focus, if not it will be adjusted and the chassis and brake system will be lubricated.


A full service also includes a road test, to ensure that the motorcycle is running properly and to its maximum performance.

Motorcycle after servicing

What is the difference between a full service and an interim or major service?

An interim service is conducted in between services. Like a full service it checks the condition of your motorcycle, however, it does not go into as much detail. Usually an interim service will include a change of the oil and oil filter, it will also check:

  • Tyre pressure
  • Chain function
  • Headlights
  • Brake calipers
  • Pistons
  • Cables
  • Levers
  • Pivots
  • Wheel bearings


Among other parts. An interim service also usually includes a road test. 

Major motorbike services include everything a full service includes and more. It is a very detailed inspection of the components of the motorcycle and includes additional benefits, such as a flushing of the hydraulic system.

Motorbike will demand service

Pricing for full motorcycle servicing

The price you have to pay for a full motorcycle service will vary because it will depend on the size of your engine and the prices of the garage you choose. Often, independent garages will charge less than a national or regional garage. However, do remember that usually, you get what you pay for. Typical prices are as follows:

  • Below 250cc = £80-£130
  • 250cc – 600cc = £90-£160
  • Up to 1000cc = approx £180 
Motorbike engine after service

Motorcycle servicing from Chelsea Motorcycle Group

At Chelsea Motorcycle Group we have a workshop dedicated to servicing motorbikes and scooters. Because we love motorcycles as much as you do, all of our mechanics are fully qualified and trained to service and repair bikes and scooters of all models. Our prices are competitive, helping you to keep the costs of your motorcycle maintenance to a minimum. 

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