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If you own a motorcycle you will know that motorcycle repairs are unavoidable.

As motorcycles get older, they often need repairs to pass their annual MOT, or as part of their service. This not only makes sure that the motorbike is in full working condition and is safe to ride. But it also helps you to keep your motorbike looking newer for longer, restoring it to its former glory. 

Motorcycle after repairs - back to former glory

Motorcycle repairs

When might you need motorcycle repairs?

  • If you have an accident on your motorcycle that has caused damage to your motorcycle. Repairs might be necessary in order to get the motorbike in full working condition. But even if your bike still works okay and doesn’t need repairing, you might still want repairs to restore it. Repairs help to keep your bike looking and performing as good as new.
  • As part of your MOT or service. To pass an MOT the motorbike might need to have some repairs made on it. You can of course say no to these repairs. However, if the repairs are essential for the MOT and you say no, then you won’t be able to ride your motorbike as it will not have the necessary legal MOT certificate. 
Any part of your motorbike and scooter may require repairs

How are motorbike repairs made?

Every workshop and garage is different and so they will tackle repairs differently. But the best garages and workshops use the latest in computer diagnostic technology to identify any problems with the motorcycle and suggest ways to fix the problem. These top garages will also have a fully-equipped repair centre that has all the equipment, tools and parts to fix your motorcycle in-house.

Before you choose a garage to take your motorbike to for repairs, it is a good idea to first do some research. Take a look at your local garages and find out what tools they use to diagnose motorcycle and what qualifications the mechanics have. It is a good idea to look for customer reviews of the garages close to you, to find out what serve other people have received. 

Even electric bikes may demand repair

Motorcycle and scooter repairs by Chelsea Motorcycle Group

At Chelsea Motorcycle Group (CMG) we have a fully-equipped workshop that is perfect for all kinds of motorbike and scooter repairs. Established in Our technicians are highly trained specialists who are qualified in Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha models and able to repair all types of vehicles. Our workshop is fully-equipped and able to handle every repair. We use the latest in computer diagnostic technology to find motorbike problems and resolve them. We always use original manufacturer parts. What’s more, all of the repairs we complete come with a three-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Motorcycle and scooter repairs at CMG includes:

  • Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki trained technicians.
  • Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki diagnostic systems
  • Original manufacturer parts, with patent parts available upon request
  • Short waiting times, book for same day or next day repairs
  • Free health checks on work completed
  • A three-month guarantee on work completed
  • Dependability and years of experience
  • A guarantee to meet manufacturer standards
  • Courtesy bikes can be arranged

Our workshop is conveniently located. We are just 500m from the nearest tube and train stations and just 40m from the local bus routes. To book your motorcycle or scooter repairs, contact us now, or use our online booking tool: https://www.chelseamotorcycles.co.uk/scooter-motorcycle-workshop/scooter-motorcycle-repairs/

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