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If you’re new to biking, you might be wondering what motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories you need. This is why we put together this guide to motorcycle wear, so you know what the essentials are. As well as helping you to choose what motorcycle helmet and motorbike gear are most suitable for you.

The X MAX 300 driver with scooter helmet

Why you need good quality motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories

The human body was not built to withstand crashes at high speeds, even falling off a travelling horse cause be fatal, so imagine the consequences falling off a motorcycle could have. The impact to your body from falling off your bike at high speeds could be life-threatening, to add to this there are other things, like abrasion, that can add to your injuries or potentially also be fatal. You need good quality motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories, to protect your fragile body (and yes, it is fragile, even if you’re the strongest person you know).

Your motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories will also protect you from the weather. It might feel a nice ambient temperature when you leave the house, but as you start travelling at higher speeds the temperature will begin to drop. Your motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories can help to protect you from the wind, the rain, snow and the sun, providing a cooling effect while also protecting your body.

Motorcycle pants

Motorcycle helmet are must-haves

The motorcycle helmet is an absolutely must, it is essential you protect your head and face as much as possible anytime you are on a motorbike. Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body and the place most likely to suffer from the impact of a crash, head injuries can be life-threatening and even fatal. There are different types of helmets available including the full face, open face and flip front helmet. We strongly advise you wear a full-face helmet to fully protect your face as well as your head. According to Dietmar Otte in a recent study, almost half (45%) of impacts upon a motorcycle helmet, occur in the area of the face that is not usually protected by any helmet other than a full face. Also, a full-helmet will help to keep the dust and wind out your face, and bugs out your teeth.

Motorcycle helmet

Other motorbike gear must-haves

Aside from your helmet, the other motorbike gear must-haves include:

  • A Jacket: riding jackets are designed to protect other fragile parts of your body, including your ribs, heart, back, chest and organs. Any safety armour in the riding jacket should come with a CE safety rating.
  • Riding Pants: normal jeans will not provide you enough protection in the event of an accident. Which is why you need specialised riding pants that are designed to protect you.
  • Boots: you need a pair of boots that can support your body, they should be oil resistant, with non-slip soles and good foot and ankle protection. Riding boots helps to avoid twisting, as it has a metal plate running through the sole, as well as armour over the shin and ankle.
  • Gloves: protect your hands as well as your body, by wearing protective riding gloves. Riding gloves should cover every part of your hand and they should be long enough to ensure there is no bare skin between your gloves and jacket sleeve.

Why not check out our motorcycle clothing and motorbike accessories section.

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