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Electric Scooters


Electric Scooters

Askol Bikes have created an innovative and exciting new range of electric scooters. Designed to not only help to protect the environment, but to also save you money and time. So you’ll be pleased to know that CMG is an authorised Askol Dealership!

Unfortunately all our Askoll electric scooters are now out of stock, however we recommend you other ebikes, for example, Zero electric motorbikes or NIU Electric Scooters.

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Askol Bikes and the electric scooter that is revolutionizing motorcycling

The electric scooter range

All of the electric scooter range created by Askol Bikes are safer for the environment. They emit no C02, the create no noise pollution and it can even be ridden in limited traffic zones. What’s more, they are easier to maintain than fuel-powered motorcycles, taking less time and money. The models currently in the Askol Bikes range include:

  • The eS1: an eco-friendly and lightweight design, this electric scooter has excellent handling and power. It was also awarded the Green Prix 2015, product of the year in the c“No Smog Mobility” category.
  • The eS2: this model has all the benefits of the eS1, except the eS2 is big enough for two! 
  • The eS3: a double-seater with even more power. 

Who are Askol Bikes?

Since 1978, Askol Bikes have been creating electric motors with high energy efficiency and low consumption. Created in Italy, they are 100% electric and original, with all their technical components made in-house, everything is designed and manufactured at Askoll.

Electric scooters are a fantastic benefit for the environment, but they can also make you a massive saving. They require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts, so maintenance costs are less. Meanwhile, they save you money on fuel, charging an electric scooter is much cheaper that petrol and can even offer savings on road tax and insurance. 

CMG, the Askol Dealership

To find out more about Askol Bikes, the electric scooter range or the benefits of going electric, talk to one of our specialists now. Alternatively, contact us to book in your test ride. 

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