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At the moment the country is in lock-down and the world as we know it has almost come to a halt. But soon lock-down measures will ease, social distancing will still be a priority, but we’ll be encouraged to go back to work. The result of this will see a massive surge in people using public transport again for their daily commute, which would be fine normally, but we aren’t in normal times. Maintaining social distancing while trying to navigate a busy train station or board a packed tube is going to be difficult, if not impossible. We think a motorcycle is the ideal solution and we encourage anyone, who can motorbike travel after lock-down, to do just that.

Zero SR/S motorcycle - parked, UK

Social distancing made simple

Most people probably won’t want to jump onto a busy bus right now, public transport is a breeding ground for germs and it is almost impossible to social distance in those kinds of conditions. The perfect alternative to commuting to work without using public transport is to ride a motorcycle.  You literally cannot become more socially distant than by riding a motorcycle alone. As a motorcyclist, you’ll be wearing a helmet (preferably with a full-face cover), gloves and safety clothing, which will leave you pretty well-protected against germs that may be floating about. You can usually re-fuel at a pay-at-the-pump station, using gloves, which means you don’t have to come into contact with anybody.

Yamaha XMAX 300 TECH MAX scooter with rider

Other benefits of scooter or motorbike travel after lock-down

Motorbikes & scooters are small and nimble, making them perfect for commuting in city traffic. With the advantage of being able to navigate through busy city traffic instead of sitting in it, your journey time will be much quicker. Motorbikes are also much easier to park as they take up less space (you can fit four motorcycles into the space of one car). This makes for motorbike travel after lock-down finding a parking space much easier, which is usually the hardest part in a busy area. As well as reducing congestion on the roads, motorcycles, scooters and especially e-scooters tend to be much cleaner than cars, causing less pollution.

Suzuki V Strom 1050XT motorbike travel after lock-down
Suzuki V Strom 1050XT

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