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Motorbike servicing is essential if you want your motorbike to look and feel as good as new. By getting your motorcycle MOT (motorbike MOT) and regular motorcycle service, you help to keep your machine running at peak performance. At Chelsea Motorcycles we offer a range of motorcycle servicing and scooter servicing, as well as motorbike MOT’s (motorcycle MOT).

Zero FXS motorbike riding

A typical motorbike servicing schedule

To understand more about when and why you might need a motorcycle service or motorbike MOT (motorcycle MOT), read this handy schedule.

The first motorbike servicing you will require is at 1000 miles, or one month after purchase. Here is the schedule in more detail:

2018 Suzuki V-Strom 650xt on the road

Motorcycle Service at 1000 miles, or 1 month after purchase

This service includes changing the engine oil and filter. As well as inspecting various parts of the bike to ensure it is all working properly. The lights, signals and switches all need to be checked. As does the brake system, including braking performance, fluid levels, pads, brake lights and to ensuring there are no leaks. This motorbike servicing includes a valve clearance. As well as a chain/belt tension check and lube and a check on clutch performance, with cable or fluid level adjustment. Finally, all switches, light, signals, as well as control cables will all be checked. In addition to the important fasteners, such as axles, brake calipers, handlebars etc.

Professional Motorcycle Maintenance

Scooter Servicing at 5000 miles, or 6 months

The oil should be changed, but it’s up to you if you want to change the filter. The filter can be replaced on every other oil change. Parts of the bike will be lubricated, such as the brake/clutch lever, the brake pedal and side stand pivot points, cables and the chain. Some systems will be inspected and if necessary, replaced. This includes the brake, clutch, exhaust, fuel line and cooling systems. Further checks will be made on the crankcase ventilation tube, carb sync and idle speed, air filter, forks, battery and cables. Finally, all signals, lights and switches will be checked to ensure they are in working condition.

Scooter after 5000 miles

Motorcycle MOT and Servicing at 10,000 miles, or 12 months

By your bikes first birthday, it will an MOT and a service. In this the mechanic will change your engine oil and filter and replace the spark plug. They will also lubricate the brake/clutch lever, brake pedal and side stand pivot points, as well as all cables and the chain. The same checks will be made that we saw in the six-month service, with further inspections added. These include the wheel and steering stem bearings, the shocks and (if applicable) the spokes.

Motorbike servicing and scooter servicing Chelsea

Motorbike Maintenance at 15,000 miles, or 18 months

The oil will need to be replaced, but the filter doesn’t have to be. Your mechanic will lubricate the same parts of your bike and do everything they did in the six month service.

Motorbike Maintenance at 15,000 miles

Motorbike MOT and Servicing at 20,000 miles +, or 24 months +

When your bike is two years old, it will need a similar, more detailed service, like the 1st year service. However, there are some additions. The mechanic will change the engine oil and filter, air filter, spark plug, brake/clutch fluid, wheel bearing and coolant. They will also repack steering stem and change the swing arm pivot bearings.

Zero Motorbike at the dirt
At 36 months

You will need to replace the fork oil, bushings and seals.

At 48 months

All the electrical connections will need to be inspected. Also, the brake and clutch lines, radiator hoses and cables will need to be replaces (where applicable).

Honda CRF250L motorcycle

To find out more about how we can help you service your motorcycle, contact us now, or see our motorbike servicing page.

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