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Buying a motorcycle is a very exciting process. But unfortunately, most of us are limited as to which motorcycle we can ride away on, due to the size of our budget. This often means riders settling for a bike they like, but not really the one they want. Or buying a second-hand motorbike because the make and model of the ride they want, is too expensive to buy brand new. Not anymore and not with CMG. At CMG we offer our customers a range of motorbike finance options that allow them to buy the bike of their dreams, regardless of the size of their bank balance. With different motorcycle finance options available, all with different benefits, we have something to suit everyone. We even provide scooter finance too, so whatever ride you want, you can have with us.

Honda Motorcycle Finance

What are the benefits of these motorbike finance options?

The biggest benefit to buying your new motorbike or scooter through finance is that you do not need to save up and pay the price for the motorcycle in one go. You can spread the cost into manageable monthly repayments. Because you can spread the cost over years, this usually means you can afford to buy a bike that is slightly more expensive (and/or brand new). This allows you to buy the bike of your dreams, not just the bike you can afford. Other benefits to motorbike finance options include: 

  • With some finance agreements you can change the bike at any time.
  • At the end of your finance term, you are able to part exchange the bike for a new one.
  • Once the finance term is finished, you can simply hand the bike back and look at getting another. 
  • The deposit amount is usually flexible, meaning you can pay what you can afford. 
  • The monthly repayments can be spread across years, making the motorcycle finance options more affordable. 
Honda Motorcycle Finance

What motorcycle finance options are available?

There are lots of finance options available to you. At Chelsea Motorcycles Group (CMG), we offer our customer three different finance options. Each of these motorcycle finance options comes with their own set of terms. The motorcycle finance options most suitable for you, will very much depend on your financial situation. This includes your personal credit history, how much deposit you are able to afford, the length of the finance agreement and how much you afford for your monthly repayments.

Before you make any decisions, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the various motorcycle finance options available. Learn the benefits and terms of these agreements and find the one that suits your personal situation the best. At CMG, we offer all of our customers a choice of three motorbike finance options, these include:

  1. Personal loan motorbike finance options. 

Eligibility for this motorbike finance options depends on your personal credit history and your ability to repay the loan. For the lender, this form of finance has the highest risk, as the loan is not secured against the motorbike. Therefore, not everyone will be successful in applying for a personal loan. Those who aren’t, are much more likely to be accepted for one of the other two options.

  1. Hire purchase motorcycle finance options.

This motorbike finance option is secured against the vehicle. Because of this, it is much more low risk for lenders and you are more likely to get accepted. But remember, you won’t own the motorbike until you have finished paying for it and you don’t have the option to change the bike.

  1. Personal contract purchase scooter finance options.

In this finance option you lease the motorbike over a specified period of time. You also have the option of paying a Guaranteed Final Value price at the end of the term, to take ownership of the bike, or the chance to part exchange the bike for a new one. 

NIU U-Series Scooter Finance

Second-hand motorbikes/scooters and scooter finance options

At CMG we don’t just offer finance on our brand new bikes, we also provide the same option for our scooter and our used bikes and scooters too. From as little as 0% APR, we make owning a motorcycle fun and as easy to afford as possible. To apply for finance, all you need to do is complete our short motorbike finance form here: https://www.chelseamotorcycles.co.uk/scooter-motorbike-finance/. Remember to always be honest with the information you provide as this will increase your chances of being offered a finance agreement. Also, the more deposit you are able to put down up-front, the more likely you are to be offered credit. 

If you have any questions, would like to discuss our finance options in more detail, or would like to apply for credit, then contact one of our specialists now. 

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