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When it comes to motorcycle maintenance and motorcycle repair, there are going to be some jobs you will want to leave to the professionals. However, there are plenty of routine jobs that anyone who is enthusiastic about maintaining a motorcycle or repairing a motorcycle can do, at home.

Would you be able to replace this motorcycle part?

Motorcycle Maintenance

Before we talk about the motorcycle repair you can do at home, first let’s look at motorcycle maintenance.

Motorcycle maintenance involves regularly cleaning your motorcycle and checking various parts of it, to ensure everything is in full working condition. By regularly maintaining a motorcycle you help to prevent damage being caused to it, which in turn should mean you spend less time repairing a motorcycle. It also helps to keep your motorcycle looking newer, for longer.

Riding motorcycle after maintenance

Maintaining a motorcycle at home

Repairing a motorcycle doesn’t necessarily have to involve a mechanic, there are plenty of motorcycle repair jobs you can do yourself.

  1. Correct the tyre pressure: checking your tyre pressure should be something you do regularly, if you notice the pressure is incorrect you can fix this yourself, by increasing or decreasing the pressure.
  2. Adjusting your chain tension: your motorcycles manual will explain how you can both check and adjust the chain tension, it will also tell you the correct torque setting for each bolt. You will need a torque wrench for this.
  3. Battery repairs: checking your battery should also be part of regularly maintaining a motorcycle. If your battery is not sealed (most modern ones are), you can check the battery acid level. You can also grease your battery terminals to help avoid corrosion.
  4. Changing your brake pads: again, by referencing back to your user manual, you can change your own brake pads.
  5. Changing the coolant: with a cold engine, locate the coolant drain plug to drain the coolant. Refer to your motorcycle manual to ensure you are following correct procedure for your bike.
Maintaining a motorcycle at home

5 more motorcycle repair jobs you can do at home

Albeit many of these are small repairs, some might even be considered motorcycle maintenance rather than motorcycle repair.  But none-the-less, these repairs can drastically change how your motorcycle rides.

  1. Oil and filter changes: read your manual on how to do this and use quality oil, a suitable filter and the right set of tools.
  2. Removing your spark plugs: the best way to maintain your spark plugs is the remove them and check them properly.
  3. Lubricate and adjust the cables: if your cables are feeling a bit sticky you might need to lubricate them with a bit of oil.
  4. Spray grease: use some spray grease to lubricate all the other parts of your bike, such as any hinges, locks, levers, foot rests etc.
Motorcycle after homemade maintenance

Repairing a motorcycle with CMG

If you can’t repair the motorcycle yourself, or you need help, then contact one of our professional mechanics at our workshop. Where we provide MOT’s, services and repairs for all motorcycles.

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