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The future is here: our world, more connected than ever, proves it every time. Smart cities, which are sustainable and careful about the quality of their citizens’ lives, are a reality.

The Internet of things is a continually increasing: according to Forbes, at the end of 2020, over 26 billion devices will be connected to the web. Simply put, in our world, connectivity is a peculiar quality for every product. Our scooters included.

To make your journey a much more immersive experience, we launch Askoll Smart Drive: our app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, will follow every adventure on the saddle of your scooter.

Thanks to Askoll Smart Drive, and its captivating interface, you will monitor your eS performances. From kilometres travelled to remaining battery levels; from estimate range for each travel mode to your savings, both economical and CO2-wise, through all service notices.

You can record your past routes, and look at riding statistics: speed, power, and altimetry of your trips will have no more secrets. Thanks to the map, you won’t get lost anymore. You won’t also forget all the memories of your best trips: take all the photos that you want and treasure them inside the app (be careful: take the pictures when you are off the scooter!).

At the moment, Askoll Smart drive is available only with the Evolution scooters eS2 and eS3, the evolution of the electric species, that you can discover here.

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