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Honda Motor Europe is pleased to announce its off-road line-up for 2019, featuring upgrades across the entire range, and the addition of two brand new names to the CRF family.

The flagship CRF450R moto-crosser – and its cross-country sibling the CRF450RX – both benefit from a stronger shot of top-end power and torque; for the CRF250R, one year after a full model change, performance upgrades focus on bottom-end torque for even better drive out of slower speed corners. Two brand new models for 2019 bring even greater depth to the CRF family: the cross country-spec. CRF250RX and dual-purpose, fully road-legal CRF450L.

Model details:


2019 Honda CRF450L - dual-purpose bike

Using the CRF450R moto-crosser as a base, Honda’s new dual-purpose motorcycle has a tough, lightweight chassis built to find all the available grip, powered by an engine that delivers strong, usable power right from the bottom. While offering maximum enjoyment for the off-road hobby rider, the CRF450L is also fully street legal and street-ready, with sidestand, increased fuel tank volume and all-LED lighting. Durable, high quality parts and long service intervals – with a first major service at 32,000km – aim for a worry-free riding and ownership experience.


2019 Honda CRF450R motorcycle

The CRF450R receives a major performance boost: 1.8kW more power and 2Nm more torque, plus stronger power delivery throughout the rev range thanks to a revised cylinder head, intake and exhaust. It also gets 3-level HRC Launch Control and durability upgrades. The chassis features revised suspension settings, redesigned front brake caliper, detailed weight-saving updates (shaving 0.9kg) and Renthal Fat Bar handlebar which sits on a new top yoke adjustable for four positions.


2019 Honda CRF450RX cross-country motorbike

Like the CRF450R moto-cross machine, the cross country CRF450RX receives a major boost of top-end power and torque for its engine, and 3-level HRC Launch Control. While still featuring 18-inch rear wheel and 8.5-litre fuel tank, the chassis now offers a revised rigidity balance, new suspension settings, plus Renthal Fat Bar handlebar with 4-way adjustability and new black rims.


2019 Honda CRF250R motorbike

One year after a full model change, the CRF250R gets a range of new performance, utility and aesthetic updates. Bottom and mid-range torque output gets a major boost thanks to 2mm smaller throttle body, and revised cam, intake and exhaust profiles. Like the 450s, the CRF250R also receives 3-level HRC Launch Control to add to the choice of 3 riding modes. A new twin-piston front brake caliper, adjustable Renthal Fatbars and black rims round out the updates.


2019 Honda CRF250RX off-road bike

The new CRF250RX arrives to add yet another dimension to Honda’s off-road range. Mirroring the CRF450RX, the new machine takes the CRF250R as a base, with revisions such as 18-inch wheel, 8.5-litre tank and softer suspension that adapt it for its role as the ideal closed course cross-country machine. It inherits the moto-crosser’s upgrade for 2019, with rock-solid bottom-end torque, 3-level HRC Launch Control, new front brake caliper, Renthal Fatbars and black rims.

With these five machines, Honda underlines its commitment to continuously evolve and reinforce its CRF line-up to offer an off-road-focussed machine for every type of dirt-riding enthusiast.

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