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Title: Everything you need to know about motorcycle servicing

Description: motorcycle servicing is an important part of owning a motorbike. To keep your motorbike in the best condition possible, motorbike servicing is essential.


Regular motorcycle servicing is an important part of making sure your motorcycle is kept in full working condition.  But more importantly, it’s a fun way to spend time with your bike, to get to know it and ensure it performs brilliantly.  All motorbikes and scooters require a regular MOT and motorbike servicing, which must be completed at an authorised garage.  By regularly servicing your bike, you help to make sure it passes its MOT, which inevitably reduces the costs you spend on repairs.


Motorcycle Servicing: why it is important

As a motorcycle owner you have a legal duty to ensure that your motorbike is safe to ride on the road and does not pose a risk to yourself, any passengers, other road users and pedestrians.  The only way you can ensure this is through regular motorbike servicing.

Legal duty aside, it is good practice to regularly service your motorcycle. By doing this you can make sure any mechanical and/or electrical problems are discovered and fixed prior to your MOT, which helps to reduce the cost if your MOT. What’s more, by servicing your bike regularly, you are helping to keep it in prime performance.  You will find it is more efficient, more pleasurable to ride, and that it is kept looking newer for longer. This is great for anyone thinking of selling their bike after the first year or two, to upgrade or change to a different model. Because the bike is well-maintained, you will most likely be able to sell the bike for a higher price, which will help to finance the purchase of your new bike.


Motorbike Servicing Costs 

Many garages offer motorcycle services and the prices they charge will vary depending on the garage. While it may be tempting, avoid using the cheapest option and choose a garage that has mechanics authorised to handle your make and model bike.

Another factor that impacts the cost of servicing your motorbike is the engine size of your bike. To give you a better idea, here are the price ranges:

  • If your bike is less than 250cc you can expect to pay anything from £80 to £130 for a service.
  • Bikes 250cc – 600cc generally cost between £90 and £160 for a service.
  • For an engine size more than 600cc a service will usually cost about £180.


The Different Motorcycle Services

There are two types of services that garages will offer for your motorbike, these are:

  1. Full Services.  As the name suggests, the full service is a comprehensive check of your bike.  Here you can expect parts to be replaced (where necessary) and lubricated, with checks being made on all essential parts of your bike.
  2. Interim Services.  These are less detailed than a full service, here the vital components of your bike are checked to make sure they are in full working condition.  The aim of the interim service is to help to keep your bike in a good condition, with a good performance, between the full services. While these are much less detailed, they still include changes to the oil, checks on vital parts of the bike and should also include a road test.


The First Motorcycle Servicing 

The first motorbike servicing you need will be one month after your purchase, or when your bike has done 1000 miles. This service includes a change of the engine filter and oil, as well as an inspection of various motorcycle parts to ensure they are in full working condition.  This includes:

  • Lights
  • Signals
  • Switches
  • Brake System and a performance check.  This includes fluid levels, brake lights and a check to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Valve clearance
  • Chain and belt tension
  • Clutch performance, with a cable or fluid level adjustment
  • Control cables
  • Fasteners, including brake calipers, axles, handlebars etc.


Second Motorbike Servicing

This service should be completed at 5,000 miles, or when your bike is six months old. This service typically includes:

  • An oil change.  The filter can be replaced every other time you change the oil, however, you can replace the filter at this time if you want to.
  • Lubrication of parts such as the brake/clutch lever, the chain, the brake pedal, cables and side stand pivot points.
  • System checks and replacements (where necessary), including brakes, exhaust, clutch, cooling system and fuel line.
  • Checks will also be made on the following to ensure they are in full working condition:
    • Crankcase
    • Ventilation tube
    • Carb sync and idle speed
    • Air filter
    • Forks
    • Battery
    • Cables
    • Signals
    • Lights
    • Switches


Further Motorcycle Services between 12 months and 2 years

When your bike is 12 months old (or when you have ridden 10,000 miles) the bike will be due for an MOT and service.  During this service the mechanic will carry out many of the same checks as they did during the 6-month service, with some additions.  For example, the wheel and steering stem bearing, the shocks and the spokes will also be checked.  The mechanic will also change both the engine oil and filter and replace the spark plugs. Parts of the bike, such as the brake/clutch lever, the brake pedal, cables and chains and the side stand pivot points will all be lubricated.

At 18 months of age, or when you have reached 15,000 miles, you will be due for another service.  This service is the same as the 6-month service, in which the oil is replaced (but not the filter) and parts are lubricated.

When your bike is 24 months old, or it has ridden 20,000 miles, it will be due for yet another service. Like the 12-month service, this one is more detailed. It includes everything the 12-month service includes, plus some other changes.  The mechanic will change the engine oil and filter, air filter, brake/clutch fluid, spark plugs, coolant, wheel bearing. Furthermore, in this service the steering system will also be repacked and the swing arm bearings will be changed.


Motorbike servicing at 36 months and over

When your bike is 3 years old (36 months), it will require additional servicing.  The fork oil, bushings and seals will all need to be replaced.

At 4 years old (48 months) the electrical connections will be inspected to ensure they are working correctly.  Some parts may also need to be replaced, these include: the brake and clutch lines, radiator hoses and cables.


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