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More companies are starting to turn to the delivery motorbikes, as an alternative to cars and it’s not hard to see why. There are far more benefits to having a delivery scooter or delivery motorcycle fleet. Here we will look at the benefits of motorbikes for delivery companies. And we will help you understand why you should choose a delivery company motorcycle fleet over a car fleet.

Yamaha XMAX400 IRON MAX delivery scooter

When are motorbikes for delivery companies a perfect choice?

Not every company will be able to take advantage of the benefits of a delivery motorcycle. Companies who are transporting larger, bulkier or heavier packages, for example, would need a larger vehicle. However, motorbikes for delivery companies are ideal when it comes to delivering smaller items. Here are some examples of delivery companies that would benefit from delivery scooter hire or motorcycles hire:

  • Food delivery companies: Restaurants that offer delivery would find a motorcycle would be perfect instead of a car.
  • Couriers: Individuals or courier companies that deliver smaller packages that would fit onto a bike with no problems.
  • Handymen: companies or individuals who travel to different customers houses fixing problems around the home would find a motorcycle perfect for their needs.
  • Security Services: Who need to travel from one company or place to another and do not need to carry much with them.
  • Any other business or company that needs to get around easily and quickly and doesn’t have a bulky or heavy load to take with them.
Honda Forza 300 delivery scooter

Delivery motorcycle/delivery scooter over delivery cars

Let’s take a look at why delivery companies are choosing delivery scooter and motorcycles over cars. Here are the benefits of a delivery motorcycle fleet:

  • A delivery motorcycle is much more cost-effective than a delivery car. In fact they are about 50% cheaper than their car equivalents. Not only is it cheaper to buy (or hire), but it is also cheaper to run (in terms of fuel costs, insurance and tax), as well as being cheaper to maintain. Using a delivery motorcycle fleet instead of a car fleet, reduces the amount your business spends on making deliveries, increasing your business profits.
  • Motorcycles make it easier to navigate through traffic. A successful delivery company makes deliveries on time, but this can be hard to do during rush hour traffic. While a car would be stuck sitting in a queue of traffic, a motorcycle can navigate around the traffic with ease. This makes it more reliable and in turn, more efficient for businesses.
  • Most delivery companies, such as fast food businesses, have to do lots of short journeys. Motorcycles are perfect for this.
  • It is easier to create a delivery motorcycle fleet than a car fleet, mainly because of price.
Suzuki SV650X delivery motorcycle

Creating a delivery company motorcycle fleet is easier than a car fleet

For most delivery companies, their delivery vehicles are the face of their company. The vehicles couriers use show customers how reputable and successful the company is. They give a first and lasting impression of the company. This is why most companies will want a fleet of vehicles that are reliable, high-quality and look as new as possible. These companies will also usually want consistency in their vehicles, i.e. a specific car or motorcycle brand. Creating a car fleet can therefore become difficult and costly. Because motorcycles are much cheaper to buy, tax, insure and maintain, it is easier for a company to afford to buy more than one motorcycle. In turn making it easier for them to create an entire fleet of motorcycles.

Yamaha Aerox R delivery scooter

Hiring a delivery motorcycle fleet from Chelsea Motorcycles

Buying a delivery motorcycle fleet outright isn’t always an option. Most companies don’t have unlimited start-up costs to afford a fleet of bikes and the necessary accessories. This is why so many companies turn to hiring a delivery motorcycle rather than buying. Just google “125cc scooter hire London” and you will see our conditions among others. At Chelsea Motorcycles, we have a range of delivery motorcycles for hire, helping you to create a delivery motorcycle fleet at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, our motorcycles all come fully serviced, with maintenance options available. If this wasn’t enough, we also have a full range of clothing and accessories too.

To find out more about hiring a delivery motorcycle fleet, or to see how we can help you to establish your delivery company, call or message one of our expert advisors now.

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