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Making sure your motorcycle MOT is up to date is a legal requirement. As soon as a motorbike reaches three years of age it must have an annual motorbike MOT. This is not only to make sure the bike is roadworthy, but that it is safe for you to ride. Before you can book your bike in for an MOT, you need to find a reputable garage, one that you can trust. A garage like Chelsea Motorcycle Group not only has a high-tech workshop with modern technology, but it also has mechanics who are fully trained in all models of motorcycles. Which means if any repairs do need to be made for the motorbike MOT to pass, it can all be done in house. 

2018 Suzuki V-Strom 650X GTA motorcycle 645cc engine need repairs

Motorcycle MOT charges

The cost of the MOT not only depends on the garage you use, but also the bike you have. Motorcycle’s MOT’s come in two classes. Class one bikes are up to 200cc and class two bikes are over 200cc. Both the class one and class two motorbike MOT’s can cost one of two prices, depending on whether or not it has a sidecar. Sidecars generally add to the cost of the MOT.

What does a motorbike MOT look at?

Motorbike MOT’s check a number of different parts of the motorcycle to make sure they meet the legal standards. It does not check the general mechanical condition, so it is not the same as a service. For example, it doesn’t cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

The motorbike MOT does, however, check the following:

  • Lights: The headlamp will be checked to ensure the aim is correct. The rest of the lights will be checked to make sure they are in good condition, that they work correctly, they are secure and that they are the right colour. The rear lights, indicators and reflectors are also checked.
  • Steering and suspension: This will check the forks, handlebars, shock absorbers, grips mountings, swinging arm and damping effect. It will make sure they are all in good condition, that they are secure and most importantly, that they work properly.
  • Wheels and tyres: These will be checked to make sure they have a suitable tread depth, they are fitted correctly, they are the right size and type and are secure, and the wheels and valves are all in good condition. The wheel alignment will also be checked.
  • Frame: Will be checked to make sure there are no cracks, damage, corrosion or distortion and that it is in good condition.
  • Brakes: The brake controls will be checked, as will the condition, operation and performance of the brakes.
  • Exhaust: This will be inspected to make sure it is secure and complete and is not too noisy.
  • Fuel: This system is checked to ensure there are no leaks and the components are all secure. 
Preparing V-Strom for successful MOT

More Bike and Scooter MOT checks:

  • Seats: The riders seat will have to be present for the bike to pass its MOT, all seats will be checked to make sure they are secure.
  • Throttle: Must be in working condition.
  • Clutch lever: Must be usable, therefore it cannot be bent, shortened or damaged.
  • Drive Chain and Sprocket: The chain will be checked to make sure it is not loose, tight or worn. The chain guard must be secure. The sprockets will also be checked to make sure they are not worn.
  • Registration plates, vehicle identification and frame numbers: must all be present and legible.
  • Horn: The horn must be suitable for the motorbike and it must work correctly.
  • Foot rests: Will be checked to make sure they are correctly fitted.
  • Sidecars: If a sidecar has been fitted it will be checked to make sure it is attached securely and has good alignment and suspension. The wheels bearings, alignment and tyres will also be checked, as will the lights.


MOT’s by Chelsea Motorcycles

Have your MOT completed by professional mechanics who specialize in motorcycle models. The team at CMG are qualified to MOT and repair a range of top motorbike models. To book your MOT now, simply call one of our team members, or use our online booking form: https://www.chelseamotorcycles.co.uk/scooter-motorcycle-workshop/scooter-motorcycle-mot/

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