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When it comes to creating a delivery motorcycles fleet, the biggest question we find companies have is about whether they should hire or buy their motorcycles. There are benefits when you both hire delivery motorcycles fleet and buy delivery motorcycles fleet. So which one you do really depends on what is best for your company.

Delivery motorcycles fleet

Things to consider about your delivery motorcycles fleet

Before you start trying to decide whether you should hire or buy, you should first look at your business needs. Consider:

  • Your budget. What budget do you have to invest in your delivery motorcycles fleet?
  • How busy is your business? This will determine how many motorcycles you need. And, of course, the number of motorcycles needed, will determine whether or not you can afford to buy them.
  • What motorcycles did you want? Brand spanking new motorcycles are going to be more expensive than second-hand bikes.
  • What growth is your business expecting? It isn’t enough to just think about how busy the business is now, you need to also think about how busy you expect it to be in the future.
  • Maintenance services. How do you intend to look after your motorcycles? When you hire motorcycles they will come fully serviced and usually have a maintenance option and replacement bike if anything were to go wrong. but when you buy a bike you will need to take care of the servicing, MOT and replacement bikes yourself.
  • How often would you like to change your bikes? Changing your bikes is easy to do when you hire, but if you have bought your bikes, it involves reselling and buying again.
CMG offers to hire delivery bikes fleet

Hire delivery motorcycles fleet vs buy delivery motorcycles fleet

If you hire delivery motorcycles fleet, you have lots of benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind. That the bike is properly serviced and reliable.
  • Replacement bikes. If you are hiring a bike and something goes wrong, you will be provided with a replacement bike.
  • New, high-quality bikes. If you hire delivery motorcycles fleet instead of buying, you can have a wider choice of bikes. This means your company can have high-end bikes that might have otherwise been out of your budget.
  • Change bikes. When you hire you have the option to change the bike for a different one. This enables you to update your fleet whenever you like.
  • Maintenance options. Hired delivery motorcycles usually come with an additional maintenance option. This means if anything goes wrong with the bike, the rental company will solve the problem for you.
  • Additional help. if you hire delivery motorcycles from a reputable company, they will be able to help you with insurance, clothing and accessories, among other things.

It may be wise to hire electric motorcycles and scooters, like NIU M +, NIU N-Series, NIU NGT or NIU U-Series scooter.

Yamaha delivery fleet

CMG Can Help!

At CMG we both sell and rent out a range of motorcycles that are perfect for delivery companies. We provide maintenance options, have a range of clothing and accessories and provide lots of help and advice. For help to hire delivery motorcycles fleet or buy delivery motorcycles fleet, or to book a test ride, contact one of our expert members of staff now.

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